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    K.T.S Arm Grapple, hydraulic


  K.T.S Bale Grabber


  K.T.S Bale Lifter


  K.T.S Energy Wood Cutter 30 cm


  K.T.S Hydraulic Crane 6.4 m with cone log splitter


  K.T.S Timber Trailer S 7.0 t with Hydraulic Crane S 5.4 m


  K.T.S Hydraulic Pallet Fork 4.1 t with Side Shift function


  K.T.S Hydraulic Pallet Fork with Side Shift function


  K.T.S 3-Point Grader Blade 3.05 m - old type (two hydraulic cylinders)


  K.T.S 3-Point Grader Blade 2.74 m - new type (two hydraulic cylinders)


  K.T.S Sand Spreader 2.0 m / 1 300 litres


  K.T.S Stone Fork 2.35 m