K.T.S Arm Grapple
K.T.S Arm Grapple facilitates your work when handling and loading logs onto e.g. a trailer or wood processor. You can place the logs where you want them to be with great precision. The picture below shows K.T.S Arm Grapple with hydraulic turning and mechanical extension of the boom. Please also check our film showing this arm grapple in action!


By means of the rotator you can turn the log into different posi-tions to adopt handling to your requirements. It goes without saying that the rotator rotates through 360°.


When lifting the log into position as shown in the pictures above, it is locked by means of the log support (the saw-toothed steel on the underside), which prevents sideways sliding and facilitates the work.


The length of the arm where the grapple is mounted has been adopted to fit both front loaders and 3-point hitches.


The fastening irons to the loader or the 3-point lift have been bolted in order to save your money when the day comes when you have to buy a new tractor. Then you just have to buy other attachments and connect through bolting.


The K.T.S Arm Grapple is also easily mounted to the 3-pioint hitch for you who do not have the loader.


It is easy to draw and lift the log.


Swedish Strenx® 700 from Domnarvet makes the K.T.S Grapple twice as strong

 It is the grapple that does all the work, and that is why we have carried out a lot of development work on this unit. High-strength materials and ingenious design maintain weight at a low level so that payload increases. The grapple becomes more flexible to work with.

To further optimise robustness and weight for the K.T.S Grapple we have made use of a computer-assisted tensile strength program, the FEM (Finite Element Method).

The grapple may not be too heavy, but if it is too light and undersized then perhaps it will only last the first years, but what happens then? What would that cost?

The K.T.S Grapple has double parallel stays to distribute the weight evenly on both sides of the grip frame. The parallel stays are placed on the inside so that they are well protected from being hit by logs.

All joints have lubricatable bronze bushings. The pins are of high quality steel so that they will last for many years of hard work.

With the grapple arms in a fixed position, all nipples can be greased. This makes maintenance of the grapple a lot easier.


The K.T.S Grapple is made of Swedish steel Strenx® 700 for maximum tensile strength and durability. It also makes the grapple lighter.

If you compare Strenx® 700 with standard steel plate, Strenx® steel is more than twice as strong. It is also weldable, without the need for any subsequent treatment.

It is important for K.T.S that all parts are of the highest quality and durability. For these reasons all steel parts are plasma cut.

Look at the joints on the grapple arms! To avoid tension cracks, we have added reinforcement.

 To protect the hydraulic cylinder and the parallel stays from being hit from underneath, we have fitted a shielding plate on the underside of the grapple frame. This in turn means lower maintenance costs for the K.T.S Grapple.


The grapple arms are rounded, so that the timber easily ”rolls in”.

The grappling force (i.e. the ability of the grapple to clamp and hold of the timber) is very high and means that timber of all sizes easily rolls into the grapple.

The tips of the grapple arms are correctly shaped so that they easily penetrate the load when unloading.

K.T.S has the same philosophy with the grapple as we have with the timber trailer and the crane. It should be able to be used for several purposes. That is why we have also developed insert plates for the grapple, so that you get a very useful grab.

The insert plates only fit the K.T.S original grapple from the 2006 model - applies to standard grapples 0.18 and 0.21. The pro-grapple 0.21, whcih is standard equipment for the hydraulic arm grapple, does not have the insert plates as an option.

Customer focus. When we design or develop our products, we always listen to our customers' ideas and wishes. Through continuous customer surveys we have got many of our customers' opinions about and good ideas of how to load and handle timber in a good way by putting a timber grapple on an arm. from this material we have designed and developed the K.T.S Arm Grapple.

 Now, you have to make your choice! We at K.T.S hope to see you as another satisfied K.T.S customer.

 Have you got any questions? Call us. We will be of help to you both before and after you have made a purchase.

K.T.S Arm Grapples
Equipment Arm Grapple with fixed boom Arm Grapple with hydraulic turning
Grapple type 0.18 Strenx grapple

0.21 Hardox grapple

Equipped with saw-toothed log support for stabilisation Yes
Distance from loader attachment to centre of grapple = reach 1.0 m 1.5 m
Mechanical extension No

0.6 m in four different positions

Specification of grapple See page for timber grapples!

See page for pro-grapples!

What's included?

Euro or Trima/SMS brackets, fully-rotating rotator, 0.18 grapple, hydraulic hoses and couplings

Euro or Trima/SMS brackets, fully-rotating rotator, 0.21 grapple (pro-grapple), hydraulic hoses and couplings

No. of hydraulic outlets required for manoeuvring the implement 6:2-valve (electrical) is standard equipment, so one double-acting outlet is enough 8:3-valve (electrical) is standard equipment, so one double-acting outlet is enough

The grapple may be equipped with plates, so that it can be used as a grapple bucket

Yes (extra equipment)

No (not available for pro-grapples)

Weight, complete arm grapple

220 kg

290 kg



Why should I buy a K.T.S Arm Grapple when so many others are available?

  • Increase the use of your tractor or front loader and facilitate timber handling.

  • The K.T.S Grapple is made of Swedish steel plate Strenx® 700 (for the hydraulic arm grapple, the standard grapple is made of Hardox 450) for maximum durability and strength.

  • Low-weight grapple increases the useful load of your arm grapple.

  • Rounded grapple arms so that the timber easily rolls into the grapple.

  • Very high grappling force on the grapple arms makes it easier to operate the arm grapple.

  • The points of the grapple arms have been shaped in such a way that they readily go down into the load, which makes unloading easier and quicker.

  • All steel plate has been cut with plasma oxygen to ensure the highest quality and durability.

  • Take a look at the linkage points for the grapple arms, where we have added reinforcements to avoid any cracks.

  • Shielding plate installed on the underside of the grapple frame to protect parallel stays and cylinder reduces the number of damages.

  • The parallel stays are on the inside so that they are well protected. This means less stoppage times and lower maintenance costs.

  • All pins are oversized in order to be able to cope with heavy loads. Naturally, all joints are fitted with lubricatable bushings.

  • Easy to service; all grease nipples may be greased with the grapple arms in one position.

  • Well-established company - K.T.S dates back to 1951 - means safety for you as a customer.

  • K.T.S Arm Grapple and instructions manual are CE certified.

  • All together, this makes your choice simple: a K.T.S Arm Grapple!


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