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K.T.S Bale Grabber
The K.T.S Bale Grabber has been designed to form a complete durable unit together with the tractor, loader or telescopic loader.

The K.T.S Free-View Frame provides optimum visibility through the grabber. This has been accomplished by a large distance between the upper and the lower frame beams, which creates a wider visual field.

It is both easier and more pleasant to carry out the work when you see what you are doing. Moreover, you save money when damages on the plastic wrapping are reduced.

The K.T.S Bale Grabber makes it easy to grip the bale on its long sides and put it onto its end. The bale grabber holds the bale in a safe and gentle grip.

Hard work has been laid on making the gripper handle plastic-wrapped bales as gentle as possible. The parallel stay makes the gripper arms pressure evenly distributed on the bale.





  • The gripper arms of the K.T.S Bale Grabber have been reinforced to be able to handle the heaviest bales.

  • Powerful construction that can handle heavier bales (as much as 89 mm round steel tubes) and lubricatable joints extend the life span of the bale grabber.

  • The parallel stay of the bale grabber makes the gripper arms pressure evenly distributed on the bale.

  • Ingenious design which prevents damages on wire, net and plastic wrapping - no sharp edges.

  • Makes bale handling easier - move, turn and pile the round bales as you want to.

All loader attachments have been bolted to make it easier for you when you replace your tractor. Choose between a large number of different loader attachments. If we do not have what you want we can design it by means of AutoCad drawing programme. Most of our K.T.S Tools have the same type of attachments.

The K.T.S Bale Grabber makes it easy to pile the bales on top of each other. Storing the bale on its end, where the plastic layers are the most, means a lot of advantages and is recommended by most manufacturers of plastic wrapping.

Disengageable parallel stay reduces the risk of damages on adjacent bales. The gripper arm folds away when it comes into contact with the bale next to it.


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K.T.S Bale Grabber
Equipment K.T.S Bale Grabber
Gripping width Intended for bales between 0.8 and 1.8 m
Optimised for bales between 1.2 and 1.6 m
Bale weight Up to 1 500 kg
Equipped as standard with attachments SMS (Trima) or Euro. We can offer a great number of other attachments as optional equipment
Mounting to the loader Bolted attachments, K.T.S standard
Hydraulic hoses and quick-release couplings Supplied with two hydraulic hoses 1.5 m, 2 male and 2 female couplings as standard, oil couplings 1/2"AQ (quick-release couplings) 
Hydraulic piston Yes / standard 70 mm
Gripper arms with parallel action Yes / standard
Parallel action can be disengaged Yes / standard
Grapple arm tube dimensions 89 x 6 mm
Lubricatable articulated joints Yes / standard on all joints
Number of hydraulic outlets required 1 double-acting, 3rd function; when the tractor is not equipped with this it is possible to connect hoses from the remote outlet at the rear of the tractor
Instruction manual and spare parts catalogue Yes
Weight 225 kg

Optional equipment for K.T.S Bale Grabber

Other loader attachments than the standard ones. We have a large number of different attachments, e.g. Big and Small BM.
110 mm hydraulic piston for tractors and loaders with a lower hydraulic pressure than 100 bar.
Hydraulic locking valve so that the gripper will not release the bale when using a tractor with a worn hydraulic control unit.
Oil couplings (quick-release couplings AQ) other than 1/2" standard.
Adjustable pressure reducing valve, standard on 110 mm hydraulic piston, also fits 70 mm hydraulic piston.
Additional hoses with couplings to connect the tractor's tilting outlet to the bale grabber; for front loaders not equipped with a 3rd function.



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