K.T.S Stengrep
Bale lifter for one bale.

K.T.S Bale Lifter
K.T.S Bale Lifter is extra reinforced to be able to handle the heaviest bales. It is equally suitable for front loader and 3-point hitch thanks to our system of bolted brackets.

K.T.S Bale Lifter is very gentle on plastic-wrapped bales, since the tubes carrying the bales are as thick as 89 mm.

Choose the size that suits your needs best: for 1 or 2 bales.

K.T.S Bale Lifter is designed so that cords or net of bales that are not plastic wrapped will not get stuck. If the cord or net get stuck in the bale lifter, the bale will break.


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Equipment Bale lifter for 1 bale Bale lifter for 2 bales
Gripping width Intended for bales between 1.2 and 1.8 m
Maximum load 1 500 kg 3 000 kg
Equipped as standard with attachments SMS (Trima) or Euro

We can offer a great number of other attachments as optional equipment

Hydraulics Not equipped with hydraulic cylinder
Gripper arm tube dimensions 89 mm
Lubricatable joints Yes / standard
Number of hydraulic outlets required

No hydraulic outlets required, since the implement is not equipped with hydraulics

Weight, kg




Bale lifter for two bales.

All joints can be lubricated for longer durability. With no hydraulic cylinders, K.T.S Bale Lifter is very easily manoeuvred.

K.T.S has some 30 different bolted attachments for the bale lifter.