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K.T.S machines for forestry

Timber Trailer 11.0 ton Hydraulic Crane 7.5 m
Timber Trailer 10.0 ton Hydraulic Crane 6.7 m
Timber Trailer 8.5 ton Hydraulic Crane 6.4 m 
Timber Trailer Double
      Frame 10.6 - 13.0 ton
Hydraulic Crane 5.3 m
Timber Trailer S
      7.0 ton
Hydraulic Crane 5.4 S
Timber Grapples Hub-Motor Drive
Hydraulic Winch Pro Grapples 0.12-0.56 m2
Slewing House

 Flexible K.T.S Cranes

Arm Cutter, cutting equipment for K.T.S Cranes

Digging Equipment for K.T.S Cranes

K.T.S front loader tools

Buckets Bale Grabber
Stone Fork  Bale Spike, 1 or 2 bales
Bulk-Bag Lifter, 1 or 2 bags Manure Fork
Crocodile Grapple Arm Grapple, timber
      grapple for front loaders
Claw Adapter 
Bale Lifter

K.T.S contractors

Z-Crane 6.1 m
Tree Shearer
Mechanical Pallet Forks 2.5 -5.0 t
3-Point Grader Blade
Hydraulic Pallet Forks 2 900 - 11 000 kg
Sand Spreader
Stone and Sorting Grapple



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