K.T.S Hub-Motor Drive
It goes without saying that K.T.S could have chosen either type of those mentioned below, but we decided to use hub-motor drive. If you read the text you will understand why we chose hub-motor drive instead of roller drive, which is also known as Robson-drive (a small drive wheel is pressed down in between the tires).

Advantages with hub-motor drive:

  • You can use snow chains on two wheels or all four wheels, which is necessary to avoid skidding of the wheels on snow and ice.

  •  It is also a matter of safety! Just imagine driving on hilly grounds on a slippery surface! You slip downwards unable to make the trailer stop! What happens? With chains on braked wheels you will manage the situation.

  •  Easier to construct with fewer moving parts.

  •  Less tire wear, lower costs.

  •  Less transmission losses, more traction power.

  •  Easier to change tire dimension.

  •  With the K.T.S design you can also drive for transportation without any changeovers.

  •  A disadvantage is that hub-motor drive costs more.

Advantages with roller drive:

  • Lower costs.

  •  Drives on four wheels, but on the other hand it is not possible to transfer more power with roller drive than what is possible on one shaft.

Look at the picture!
What a simple design it is with hub-motor drive!

  • No unprotected items, reduces the risk of breakages.

  • The hub-motor drive is completely protected in the coarse tube.

  • All hoses are also well protected.

  • You can choose if you want drive on the front, the rear or both wheel pairs. 



The axle distance is as much as 1 200 mm. This increases the load capacity of the trailer. A large axle distance also means an increased possibility to choose different wheel dimensions. As standard we have mounted 400/60 x 15.5 - 14-ply with tractor pattern, a big wheel with an excellent capacity.

  • Snow chains on one or two axles will increase safety.

  • The trailer can be equipped with disc or drum brakes on one or two axles.

  • The hoses for the brakes have been run well protected in tubes between the brakes to the end of the centre tube frame. This design makes it possible to avoid holes in the centre tube with consequent weakening. From here the hose is directed further on in the frame tube through the draw bar up to the tractor.


With a flow of 30 l/min from the tractor's power take-off it is possible to drive up to 3.0 km/h, which can be enough in many cases. This type of drive is to be used under difficult conditions and at low speeds.

In order to get a higher effect of the hub-motors, it is possible to equip the trailer with its own hydraulic system and a 68 l/min hydraulic pump. Then the hub-motors will drive up to 6.7 km/h. The additional pump also works at a pressure of 200 bars, which in most cases will lead to an improved traction force. We refer to the instruction manual for the tractor to see how much oil is available for external hydraulics and at which pressure.

With a hydraulic system of its own on the trailer, you will also get a good speed for the crane motions and several functions can be operated simultaneously. Also, in connection with loading and unloading you can use low speeds on the tractor and save fuel.

The control unit is fitted in the tractor cabin and is simply operated:

  • Drive: on and off.

  • Forward - reverse.

  • Changeover so that the 68 l/min pump drives the crane.

K.T.S Hub-Motor Drive

For which types of K.T.S Timber Trailers can the hub-motor drive be used?

8.5 ton - 10.0 ton - 11.0 ton and
10.6 13.0 ton double frame

Is it possible to equip timber trailers from K.T.S or other manufacturers with hub-motor drive at a later date? 


Hub-motor make

Black Bruin (Sampo), made in Finland

Information clips from the hub-motor manufacturer

Hub-motor function

Hub-motor drive in practice

Starting torque at 280 bars hydraulic pressure

2,800 Nm

Total traction force with still standing trailer, 280 bars hydraulic pressure

12,860 N / 1,310 kg

Torque at 3.0 km/h approx. 30 l/min, 280 bars hydraulic pressure 

3,220 Nm

Total traction force at 3.0 km/h approx. 30 l/min, 280 bars hydraulic pressure

14,800 N / 1,510 kg

Max torque at 6.7 km/h approx. 66 l/min, 280 bars hydraulic pressure

3,360 Nm 

Max total traction force at 6.7 km/h approx. 66 l/min, 280 bars hydraulic pressure

15,450 N / 1,570 kg 

K.T.S Additional pump and tank

Pump type

Gear pump with gear box

Max flow

68 l/min (50 l/min at 360 rpm)

Operating pressure

280 bar

Revolutions on power take-off for max flow

540 rpm

Tank size

50 litres

Sight glass

Yes / standard

Temperature gauge

Additional equipment

Oil cooler

Additional equipment, normally not needed

Control valve to run the crane with the pump for the hydraulic drive

Yes / standard

Hydraulic pump and tank are standard equipment units for K.T.S Hub-Motor Drive.


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