K.T.S Digging Equipment for K.T.S Cranes
The K.T.S Digging Equipment is most suitable for minor digging operations. The comfort joint on the crane is a prerequisite for a movement pattern making it suitable also for excavating purposes.

When using the crane for digging and as an arm cutter, this creates heavy loads on attachments, joints and slewing house. When designing the K.T.S Crane, we have made a slewing house capable also of withstanding the loads even for arm cutters and digging operations. This is the reason for our oversized slewing house.

Another condition for the excavating possibilities is the crane and its 3-point attachment is detachable, which, of course, is standard with K.T.S.

Yet another, but very important detail, is that the 3-point adaptor is not too high, so that the pistons will come in the middle of the field of vision. If you look at the picture, you will realize that we considered this fact as well.

To make digging with the crane easier, we have also equipped the bucket cylinder with a comfort joint, meaning that the bucket will get an increased field of movement, and it cal also be set at a higher angle, so that earth will remain in the bucket for loading onto a cart.

Please consider the K.T.S Crane as a basic equipment, which can be supplemented by a number of options to make your investment more useful, creating additional value for you as the owner. Should you have any suggestions for further accessories, please call us! We will listen.

Of course, a universal bucket forms part of the excavating equipment. Its front edge has been clad with special bucket steel  Hardox 500 HB for optimum durability.

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K.T.S Digging Equipment

Crane size 5.3 m 6.4 m 6.7 m
Digging depth 2.7 m 2.3 m 2.4 m

K.T.S Digging Bucket

  Width Depth bucket base Height Volume Weight
Specification 500 mm 590 mm 314 mm 56 litres 59 kg

The rotator link comes with a 25 mm shaft and (see the arrow at the left) that is not adequate as an attachment and joint for the bucket. that is why we have equipped the cranes that are delivered with digging equipment with a 2nd boom with a 40 mm bucket joint. 

When the crane is to be equipped with a grapple, an adaptor is simply fitted with a pin and two bolts (see the arrows). The rotator is fitted with a 25 mm pin at the end of the adaptor. This goes for the 5.3 m crane. On cranes with a reach of 6.4 and 6.7 m with an elongation, a special 2nd boom for digging is fitted instead of the 2nd boom with the elongation. This is because the elongation will not withstand a digging bucket.

It is also possible to fit the 5.3 m crane with the special
2nd boom for digging upon delivery. This will be charged extra, but then the crane will be prepared, should you later on want to invest in a digging equipment or cutting device. When you purchase the supplementary equipment, the previously paid price for the digging boom will be deducted from the cost.