- model S - 

K.T.S Timber Trailer S 7
.0 ton

Why buy a 10-year-old timber trailer at the same price as a new K.T.S model S?

When developing the S trailer, our philosophy has been that it must be better to buy a new, somewhat simpler trailer, but with full guarantees, than to overpay a second-hand, old and worn trailer.

Where does this idea come from? We got it through our continuous customer surveys. We always listen to our customers when designing or further developing our products, and we will make every effort to comply with our customers' requests. In this case it has been important to our customers with a trailer that is small but still has the quality and functions of the larger trailers and cranes, e.g. four slewing cylinders on the slewing house and trailer steering.

When you work in the forest with the K.T.S Timber Trailer, you are well-equipped. Even though the S trailer is smaller, the quality is the same as that of our larger trailers. Sturdy but flexible central frame, bogies, axles and wheels that will withstand heavy loads during many years of hard work. Add to this the excellent accessibility thanks to the 'climbing-type' bogie - that is what you will get from a K.T.S Timber Trailer.

 The K.T.S Crane and the K.T.S Trailer are designed to work together as a complete unit.

 Lifting timber with the grapple loads every part of the entire vehicle. Some of these loads are transferred to the ground through the support outriggers, while others load different parts of the crane and trailer, before finally being transferred to the ground through the bogies, axles and wheels.

FEM (Finite Element Method) design ensures that all components of the crane and trailer are carefully matched to each other in terms of strength. This avoids, on the one hand, an excessively heavy trailer and, on the other, a trailer that is light but which will have only a limited life. Which is the cheaper in the long run - a strong trailer with a long life, or one that lasts only a few years?

 In addition to withstanding the forces associated with use of the crane for loading, the trailer must also be capable of carrying full loads at high speed over uneven ground, which imposes considerable stresses on the drawbar, steering, chassis, bogies, axles and wheels. The only way to design and test the trailer to ensure that it can continue to withstand such loads for 10 - 15 years or more is to do as K.T.S does: to use AutoCad for the design and check the strength by FEM analysis.

 This is why you can trust your investment in K.T.S trailers and cranes, knowing that they will last, not just for a year or two, but for many years to come.


All hydraulic cylinders are mounted above the booms, and all hoses are run inside the booms, thus protecting them from damage by logs. Protecting the cylinders reduces breakages and lowers costs.

K.T.S means quality and strength, right down to the smallest detail

The slewing house is the component through which all forces act.
This is why the K.T.S
slewing house is extremely high, 280 mm, to increase the distance between the load-carrying bushings. The greater the distance, the greater the strength, which is most important when lifting heavy logs or if the crane is to be fitted with a digging unit. The difference can be seen when comparing these features with those of other cranes.

The slewing mechanism, crane post and boom mounts together form a very substantial and strong unit. The design of the slewing house and cylinders enables the crane to slew through 370.

The slewing house is entirely Swedish-manufactured, from quenched and tempered steel.

The entire slewing mechanism, with the slewing shaft, gear racks and slewing pistons, runs in an
oil bath for maximum strength.

Look at the matchbox in the picture above, and you will realize the strength of the slewing house.

The slewing house of the S Crane is equipped with four slewing cylinders.

With the slewing mechanism designed the K.T.S way, the crane can be turned through 370. Place the tractor at some angle in relation to the trailer, and you can reach logs even in front of the tractor.









The K.T.S Crane does not only have very good manoeuvre capabilities and long reach - it is also strong enough to lift heavy logs.

Powerful cranes will subject slewing house, crane post, and support legs to enormous forces when handling coarse logs. Then, it is safe for you as the owner to know that the equipment is built for tough jobs.

  • K.T.S Timer Trailers deliver! Very large loading area: 1.2 m2.

  • This is an actual measurement. Compare it with the loading areas of other cranes, but check how the values have been calculated!

  • The load area is very large, despite the fact that the total width does not exceed 1.87 m on any of the models. Narrower vehicles are easier handled in the forest.

  • Also look at the extremely good ground clearance, which reduces the risk of getting stuck by stumps and stones.

  • The bogies are of climbing type, with extra-large wheels, providing good load-carrying on soft ground.

You may fit the K.T.S Trailer with well protected tail-lights, brake-lights and blinkers, thus increasing road safety. The contact to the tractor is connected in accordance with the Bosch standards.

An adjustable support foot is available for the trailer.

The K.T.S Timber Trailer and K.T.S Hydraulic Crane are designed and intended to work together as a unit.

 Investing in, owning and using such a strong, carefully designed and long-life trailer is a guarantee of reliability and economy.

 All steel parts of the trailer are shot-blasted for maximum protection and finish quality. This is followed by priming and undercoating, before finishing with a high-quality top coat.

 This first-class surface treatment ensures that your investment will retain its finish, despite years of use and outdoor storage.


In order to make K.T.S Timber Trailer and K.T.S. Crane as safe as possible, we also had it 3rd party CE certified. The operating manual has also been reviewed for easy understanding.

 Being a forest owner also means responsibility for its maintenance, in order to increase the value of the property. What would it mean for you to be able to handle windfallen trees, trees broken by snow, dead trees, firewood etc., when it best suits you and the forest? Would this mean freedom also for you?

 Now it is up to you! We here at K.T.S look forward to having you as yet another satisfied customer of ours!



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K.T.S Timber Trailer
Equipment Trailer S 7.0 ton
Maximum load 7.0 ton
Standard crane Model S 5.4 m
Effective load area   1.20 m2
Chain-saw box   Not possible
Headboard Yes / standard
Gate height 850 mm
Stake height 850 mm
Dimension of stakes 76 x 6 mm
Extension stakes No, stakes made as one unit
Divider stakes, for timber sorting Extra equipment
No. of stakes 2 pairs
More bolsters can be fitted Yes
Hydraulic support legs Yes / standard telescopic legs
Folding support legs Not possible
Trailer steering Yes / standard
Towing eye to tractor Forged towing eye for hitch connector
Fork coupler when tractor has no towing hitch Extra equipment
Lubricatable bushings or link bearings in all joints Yes / standard
Bogies Yes / standard
Tip angle of bogies +/- 20
Axle separation 995 mm
Distance on bogie from centre of front axle to centre of pivot 523 mm
Stub shaft dimension 60 x 60 mm
(if fitted with brakes: 70 x 70 mm)
Track width 1 622 mm
Tyre size, standard; other sizes available to order 11.5/80 x 15.3
Brakes, drum or disc Standard in some countries
Brake hoses run fully protected in frame or substantial steel tubes Yes / standard when trailer is fitted with brakes

2 double-acting or
1 double-acting + 1 single-acting and 1 return

Dimension, steel tubes for frame of special steel

Load width at bottom of load surface 890 mm
Load width at top of stakes 1 648 mm

Total height (including crane) at towing eye height 400 mm, this measurement is depending on the height of the hitch connector of the tractor

Ca 2 275 mm
Support foot Extra equipment
Recommended tractor power for full load 45 hp and up
Weight, complete timber trailer 1 260 kg
Weight complete, without crane and 3-point adaptor 778 kg
Not possible

K.T.S Hydraulic Crane
Equipment Crane S 5.4 m
Reach 5.4 m
Comfort joint to simplify work No
Hydraulic extension No
Lifting capacity of grapple at maximum reach, kg See table below!
Gross lifting force of crane 2.5 tonmetre
Grapple area of standard grapple 0.18 m2
Fully rotating rotator Yes / standard
Rotator torque 750 Nm (75 kpm)
Slewing attenuator on rotator link No
Hydraulic support legs on trailer when sold with crane Yes / standard
Folding support legs instead of telescopic support legs Not possible
No. of slewing cylinders on slewing house 4
Slewing angle 370 (360 is a complete revolution)
Slewing torque 5.4 kNm
(550 kpm)
Height of slewing house 280 mm
Hydraulic valve 7 slides
Control levers 7 levers
Other control lever systems available Yes, 2-lever (extra equipment)
Float position on hydraulic valve Extra equipment: on 2 functions - boom and slew
Hydraulic valve suitable for open or closed hydraulic systems 
Closed hydraulic system for e.g. John Deere
Yes / standard
Recommended pump capacity 
Lower or higher flows can be used; the crane will simply perform more slowly or faster.
15-50 l/min
System pressure 
Lower pressure: lifting capacity will be reduced. Higher pressure: no increase in lifting capacity, as the hydraulic system is fitted with a pressure relief safety valve.
175 bar (175 kg/cm2)
Maximum pressure 220 bar (220 kg/cm2)
Lubricatable bushings or link bearings in all joints Yes / standard
3-point adaptor for 3-point hitch No
Weight, including grapple and rotator 482 kg
Weight, grapple 79 kg
All performance specifications that are pressure-dependent are calculated at 175 bar pressure.

Grapple lifting capacities as functions of outreach, horizontal crane arm, kg

Crane model

1.0 m 2.0 m 3.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m 5.4 m
S 5.4 m 1 700 1 275 780 575 355 315

All lifting capacities have been stated as useful grapple load, i.e. load in the grapple.

Grapple lifting capacities as functions of outreach, ground level, kg

Crane model

1.0 m 2.0 m 3.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m 5.3 m, max
S 5.4 m 1 700 1 275 780 520 290 245

All lifting capacities have been stated as useful grapple load, i.e. load in the grapple.


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Why should I buy a K.T.S Timber Trailer S 7.0 t when so many others are available?

  • A smaller trailer which is not more expensive than a used one.

  • Large load area: 1.20 m2. This is an actual measurement.

  • Modest width requirements - 1.87 m maximum width.

  • Trailer steering, which makes operation easier, is standard equipment, increases accessibility in the forest and reduces damage to growing trees, thus saving money for you.

  • The hydraulic cylinders on the telescopic support legs are positioned for maximum protection, while allowing maximum freedom of movement for the legs.

  • The telescopic support legs are mounted on the headboard and retract to a position above the underside of the frame, thus not limiting accessibility.

  • Both the crane and the trailer have been designed by FEM analysis for maximum strength, economy of materials and low weight.

  • Hinged stakes protect trees from impact by unloaded trailer.

  • Very substantial climbing box-section bogies, with single through axles carried in lubricatable bushings to ensure many years' long and problem-free operation.

  • Moveable bogie to suit different stock lengths. Note, however, that if the trailer is fitted with brakes, there is less scope for moving the bogie.

  • Generous ground clearance height increases accessibility and reduces the risk of becoming trapped.

  • First-class surface treatment ensures that your investment retain its finish, despite years of hard use and outdoor storage.

  • Well-established company - K.T.S dates back to 1951 - means safety for you as a customer.

  • K.T.S timber trailers, hydraulic cranes and instruction manuals are CE certified.

  • Considering the above there is really no choice: K.T.S Timber Trailers!


Why should I buy a K.T.S Hydraulic Crane S 5.4 m when so many others are available?

  • A long crane which is not more expensive than a used one.

  • Long reach: 5.4 m.

  • Excellent accessibility - the crane can reach timber in front of the tractor, close to the headboard or close to the support legs.

  • Cast steel slewing house, 280 mm high. This increases the distance between the bushings, thus increasing the strength of the crane for use when lifting heavy logs, hard use or when the crane is fitted with a digging head.

  • Choose the height of the crane pillar in order to make the K.T.S Crane suitable for mounting on tractors, forwarders and trailers currently on the market.

  • Both the boom and the crane arm are made from high-strength structural steel, for high strength and consistent quality.

  • All hydraulic cylinders are mounted on the top of the crane, with all hydraulic hoses run internally. This avoids the risk of damage and resulting expensive repairs.

  • All pins are over-size in order to withstand high loads. All joints have either bushings or spherical bearings.

  • High lifting capacity of the grapple - suitable for heavy logs. Note that the K.T.S specification is for the net load in the grapple, while many other manufacturers indicate the lifting capacity without a grapple or rotator!

  • Powerful telescopic support legs stabilize the entire trailer during loading.

  • Full rotation of the rotator.

  • Can be fitted with a hydraulic winch, which can also be radio-controlled.

  • The grapple is made from Swedish Domex steel in order to last longer.

  • It is possible to fit plates in the grapple to make it a very useful grapple bucket.

  • Also suitable for use with tractors with limited hydraulic capacity.

  • All joints have lubricatable and replaceable bushings or link bearings.

  • Well-established company - K.T.S dates back to 1951 - means safety for you as a customer.

  • K.T.S timber trailers, hydraulic cranes and instruction manuals are CE certified.

  • Considering the above there is really no choice: K.T.S Hydraulic Cranes!