K.T.S Claw
The K.T.S Claw is a very powerful and sustainable tool for many different uses. The claw comes in two different sizes for a maximum load of 3.0 or 6.0 tons.

The weight of the smaller claw is 185 kg and it is suitable for use with tractors and smaller loaders or telescopic handlers. The larger model weighs 250 kg and is intended for use together with larger tractors or loaders/telescopic loaders with a machine weight of up to about 15 tons.

The K.T.S Claw is built on a very substantial frame which is torsion resistant enough to withstand heavy loads but also flexible enough not to break during hard work.

The K.T.S Claw opens very much in order to make loading of timber and brushwood easier. The hydraulic cylinder is well protected behind a plate, so that it will not be damaged and cause costly reparations. The picture above shows the 3-ton model.

The K.T.S Claw closes properly so that it is also possible to grasp thin wood, see picture above.

Pointed tips which are conically shaped easily penetrates the timber.

The claw holds a lot of timber, thus enabling a quick loading procedure. You save time! Thanks to the wide opening of the upper jaw, the claw holds large quantities of brushwood.



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Model 640

Model 660

Recommended maximum load 3.0 tons 6.0 tons
Designed for use with Tractor with front loader and smaller loader Larger tractors and loaders or telescopic loaders with a machine weight of up to about 15 tons
Bolted attachments for front loader/ loader

Several other attachments are available


Trima/SMS or Euro


Hydraulic cylinder Standard
No. of hydraulic outlets required 1 double-acting
What do I do if the loader has no hydraulic outlets? It is possible to connect hoses from the remote outlet at the rear of the tractor (K.T.S has prepared kits) or with an electric valve on the loader.
Weight including standard attachments 185 kg 250 kg


There are many different uses for the K.T.S Claw. Here are a few examples of this:

  • loading timber on a trailer,

  • lifting and feeding a sawmill or a wood processor,

  • loading long poles which can be difficult to load with a crane,

  • loading or moving heavy pipes,

  • moving round bales.


The bent upper jaw holds the timber in a firm grip during transportation. This is becomes obvious if you have a look at the picture above.

The large distance -150 cm - between the lower horns of the larger model makes it most suitable for handling long and heavy logs.

Thanks to the large opening of the claw, it holds huge amounts of brushwood. The picture below shows the 6-ton model.




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