K.T.S Manure Fork/Crocodile

  • K.T.S Manure Forks/Crocodiles are extensible and flexible. The 1.5 m manure fork is the base in a system where the tool can be extended and changed for various needs.

  • If you change to a bigger tractor you can extend the manure fork to 2.0 m working width. Mounting the upper jaw and changing the loader attachments are naturally easily done and it will not cost you any more if you do it later.

  • Bolted exchangeable attachments make it easier and cheaper the day you change your tractor or front loader. It is also possible to mount attachments so that the manure fork or crocodile can be used in the 3-point hitch, both at the rear of the tractor and for the front lift.

  • K.T.S Manure Fork 1.5 m is the base in a very flexible system.

  • The tines of the fork are made of forged special steel for maximum strength.

  • The upper jaw has a very large opening in order to simplify loading of deep-straw beds, ensilage, brushwood etc.

  • The upper jaw is very substantial in order to withstand heavy loads. The cylinder is positioned in the middle for an even distribution of the pressure. Thicker cylinders for loaders and tractors with lower hydraulic pressure are available as extra equipment.







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K.T.S Manure Fork 1.0 m

K.T.S Manure Fork 1.5 m

K.T.S Manure Fork 2.0 m

Working width, CC outermost tines 1 500 mm 1 500 mm 2 000 mm
Length of tine, outreach from frame 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm
Dimension of tines 36 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Forged steel tines Yes/standard Yes/standard Yes/standard
Tine attachment Cone with nut Cone with nut Cone with nut
No. of tines 5 7 9
CC between tines 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Height of frame 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm
Weight including SMS/Trima attachment 95 kg 140 kg 185 kg

Equipment upper jaw
See above for bottom part

K.T.S Crocodile

1.0 m

K.T.S Crocodile

1.5 m

K.T.S Crocodile
2.0 m

Length of tine, outreach from frame 490 mm 490 mm 490 mm
Type of tine, upper jaw Forged steel tines Forged steel tines Forged steel tines
No. of tines 4 6 8
CC between tines 300 mm 276 mm 276 mm
Distance from joint to CC tine attachment 920 mm 920 mm 920 mm
Weight, complete including SMS/Trima attachment 170 kg 255 kg 355 kg

  • The K.T.S Crocodile is perfect for spreading deep-straw beds. The upper jaw holds the material in a firm grip, in order to make the loading easier.

  • With the K.T.S Crocodile it is also possible to take out ensilage from a trench silo.



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