K.T.S Pallet Fork Grapple
We here at K.T.S want to save money for our customers. A good way of doing this is to make the same tool useful for several purposes. That was our thought when we designed an 'upper jaw' for our 2.5 ton mechanical pallet fork. This way it is possible to use K.T.S Pallet Fork as a pallet fork grapple for loading timber and brushwood, and all this at a very reasonable cost.

The upper jaw is easily bolted to the pallet fork by means of four M16 bolts. We have chosen this substantial bolts, since we then know that it will stand the test!
The upper jaw is very easily dismantled/reassembled.

For specifications, see Loader Tools, Pallet Forks.


All K.T.S Pallet Forks are made for professional use.

The upper jaw helps you hold the timber in a firm grip, even if the forks are tilted forwards.

Just imagine the help this would mean to you when you are loading timber onto a trailer!

The pallet fork grapple also works well as a grip for collecting twigs.

Even if you do not work so much with timber or lift so many loads with your loader, you can now invest in proper equipment, which will make your work lighter, safer, and a lot more fun.

Now it is up to you! We hope to see you as yet another of our satisfied customers and an owner of a K.T.S Pallet Fork Grapple!

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