K.T.S hydraulic pallet fork 6,000 kg, equipped with
Side Shift valve

K.T.S Pallet Forks
When we design and further develop our K.T.S products we always see our customers as our biggest asset.

Now it is your turn as a customer to make your choice. We hope to see you as yet another of our satisfied customers and an owner of a K.T.S Pallet Fork.

All K.T.S Pallet Forks are designed so that they together with the loader/telescopic loader/tractor form a durable complete unit. 

When you lift a load with the forks, forces are created, which move through the whole of the fork and then on through to the frame construction, through the fittings to the machine and then to the area where the equipment is attached to the machine. 

All components in the forks and fork unit are completely adapted to each other via computer calculations with the FEM (Finite Element Method) durability program. The forks must not be too heavy. But if they are too light and under-dimensioned, then perhaps they will only last the first year, and then what happens? 

That is why you should rest assured when you invest in pallet forks from K.T.S - they will last not only this year, but for many years to come.

K.T.S Pallet Forks are part of the ProLine series

ProLine is K.T.S' trademark for those who use their machines and tools professionally and who want their equipment to satisfy their requirements.

When designing the ProLine tools, we have given priority to function and quality. We have left nothing to chance. Only the best is good enough.

K.T.S ProLine means safety for the user!


The pallet forks are forged.

The view through the frame construction is the best possible. It is easier and more fun to work when you can see what you are doing. You also save money, with less damage to the goods.

Hydraulic cylinders and hoses are well protected behind the upper frame so that your view is free and also to avoid costly repairs.

All sliding surfaces are equipped with lubrication nipples in order to reduce wear and tear. Bogie rolls and slide pieces have bronze bushings for less wear and better durability.


K.T.S Hydraulic Pallet Forks

Hydraulic fork spreading makes the handling of goods easier. The distance between the forks may then be changed from the driver's seat.

The K.T.S free-view frame provides you with excellent visibility through the forks. We have been able to achieve this by placing the hydraulic cylinders behind and in view of the upper frame side member. The distance between the upper and lower side member has been designed to increase visibility. 

It is easier and more fun to work when you can see what you are doing. You also save money, because damage to goods occurs less frequently!

All K.T.S Hydraulic Pallet Forks are made in Sweden and for professional use


To make your work even easier, K.T.S Pallet Forks with hydraulic fork spreaders can be equipped with different electric valves which control the movement of the forks.

1. Both hydraulic cylinders' plus- (+) and minus (-) sides are connected (standard). This means that the fork that moves easier moves first. If the forks need to be adjusted in relation to each other, all you have to do is to support one of the forks against, for example, a pallet, and move the other fork to the right position from the driver's seat.

2. With the Side-Shift valve (parallel drive valve) the forks can be parallel shifted. Both forks maintain a fixed distance from each other, and are moved to the right or to the left. Or you can also alter the distance between the forks via the electric switch on the hand lever (third function). Side Shift can be used with full loads. 

The valve is very well protected behind a steel plate.

 K.T.S Mechanical Pallet Forks

The picture shows mechanical 2.5 ton pallet forks

K.T.S mechanical and hydraulic forks are designed, tested and FEM calculated in the same way. This is to obtain the highest quality, durability and safety. Naturally, this complies with current lifting norms.

Of course we use the K.T.S see-through frame on our mechanical pallet forks as well.

All guide rails and sliding surfaces are machined to ensure the best fit. Fit is very important, so that the forks can be easily moved manually.

Choose between a number of different attachments. If we do not have your attachment, we can draw it with our modern AutoCad drawing program.

Look at the picture above and you will realize that the K.T.S Pallet Fork has great visibility!

Easy to move

Many forks are sold without hydraulic fork spread. That is why the points below are very important to facilitate manual shifting of the forks sideways.
  • The guide rails are specially designed and machined so that locking of the type 'drawer effect' can be avoided.
  • The slide piece is one unit and is also machined. This reduces friction so that the forks may be more easily moved. Durability increases and slippage is reduced meaning less repairs and maintenance. Do compare with other makes, and you will see the difference.
  • The catch enabling lateral movement is easy to manoeuvre. When the hand lever is fixed, the fork leg is locked; the catch can be disconnected and the fork leg can easily be moved along the guide rail. You do not need to hold the hand lever when the fork leg is moved.
  • Important: If you tip the front edge down to load something which has sunk a little bit into the ground, traction forces increase under the steel frame. This is why the guide rails are placed on both the upper and the lower steel tubes. The same strong design for all sizes.
K.T.S Pallet Forks hydraulic fork spread
Model Lifting capacity kg Fork length mm Fork width mm Fork thickness mm Max. fork spread mm Weight kg
K.T.S Pallet Fork 3000 3 000 1 200 120 40 1 200 250
K.T.S Pallet Fork 4200 4 200 1 600 125 45 1 600 375
K.T.S Pallet Fork 6000 6 000 1 600 150 50 1 600 455
K.T.S Pallet Fork 6000W 6 000 1 600 150 50 2 000 520
K.T.S Pallet Fork 8400 8 400 1 600 150 60 1 600 648
K.T.S Pallet Fork 7000W 7 000 1 600 150 60 2 000 668
K.T.S Pallet Fork 11400 11 400 1 600 150 70 1 600 813
K.T.S Pallet Forks mechanical fork spread
Model Lifting capacity kg Fork length mm Fork width mm Fork thickness mm Max. fork spread mm Weight kg
K.T.S Pallet Fork 1500 1 500 1 200 120 40 1 200 155
K.T.S Pallet Fork 2500 2 500 1 200 120 40 1 200 160
K.T.S Pallet Fork 5000 5 000 1 200 125 50 1 500 274
K.T.S Pallet Fork Grapple - - - - - 95

K.T.S Pallet Forks for excavators mechanical fork spread
Model Lifting capacity kg Fork length mm Fork width mm Fork thickness mm Max. fork spread mm Weight kg
K.T.S Pallet Fork S40 FEM 2A 1 500 1 000 100 35 1 200 146
K.T.S Pallet Fork S50 FEM 2A 2 500 1 200 100 40 1 200 204
K.T.S Pallet Fork S60 FEM 3A 5 000 1 200 125 50 1 200 350

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K.T.S has a large number of different attachments for front loaders, loaders, telescopic loaders etc.


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