K.T.S Winch  

K.T.S Hydraulic Winch is placed on the boom with supports also mounted on the boom. When the wire is pulled out, the rotary drum is completely disengaged, in order to make it very easy to pull out the wire.


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Winch is extra equipment.

Equipment K.T.S Winch
Hydraulic winch including manoeuvre valve with positions drive, brake and disengaged Yes / standard
Position of manoeuvre valve On the left hand side by the cylinders of the slewing house
Tractive force at 175 bar single wire 1 400 kg
Line speed at 40 l/min oil flow
At lower oil flows the line speed is reduced, and at higher flows the line speed is increased.
0.45 m/sec.
Wire length 35 m
Dimension of wire 6 mm flexible multi-part wire
Coupling hook Yes
Remote radio-control Yes
Weight 45 kg
The winch and the support are both mounted on the boom.
The winch is connected to the hydraulic controls of the timber trailer, so no extra outlets will be needed on the tractor.


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