K.T.S Slewing House
The slewing house is the component through which all forces act. This is why the K.T.S slewing house is extremely high, at 290 mm, to increase the distance between the load-carrying bushings. The greater the distance, the greater the strength, which is most important  when lifting heavy logs or if the crane is to be fitted with a digging unit. The difference can be seen when comparing these features with those of other cranes.

The slewing mechanism, crane post and boom mounts together form a very substantial and strong unit. The design of the slewing house and cylinders enables the crane to slew through 370.

The slewing house is entirely Swedish-manufactured, from quenched and tempered steel.

The entire slewing mechanism, with the slewing shaft, gear racks and slewing pistons, runs in an
oil bath for maximum strength.



Look at the matchbox in the picture above, and you will realize the strength of the slewing house.

We are very proud that so many customers buy our slewing house and mount it on other manufacturers' cranes. It is easily done to weld the crane post of the old crane onto the plate on top of the slewing house.

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