Z-Crane 6.1 m
K.T.S Maskiner presents a new and foldable crane type. This is an introduction of new thinking in the 6.1 m Z-Crane. The whole idea of the Z-Crane is that it is not supposed to be in the way while driving and that you should be able to tip the loading platform with the crane in parking position. The picture above shows the K.T.S Z-Crane mounted on a trailer from Utnäs Industri, but it can be mounted on most makes and types of trailers. K.T.S Maskiner is the only manufacturer in the Nordic countries of this type of crane.

The K.T.S Z-Crane was highly appreciated at its first exhibitions in Sweden, MaskinExpo 2009 and Elmia Wood 2009.


The purpose of this information is to give you an overview of our well-thought out constructions.

Focus on the customer
We are always focused on customer requirements when designing and developing our products. Through continuous surveys we have received wishes for a crane that is not in the way on the platform. On the basis of, among other things, this material we have built and further developed the K.T.S Z-Crane.

Now the final choice is yours, as the customer. We look forward to seeing you as yet another satisfied customer and owner of K.T.S equipment.

Any questions? Please call us! We would be pleased to assist you, both before and after buying K.T.S equipment.



K.T.S means quality and strength, right down to the smallest detail

The slewing house is the component through which all forces act. This is why the K.T.S slewing house is extremely high, at 290 mm, to increase the distance between the load-carrying bushings. The greater the distance, the greater the strength, which is most important when lifting heavy logs or if the crane is to be fitted with a digging unit. The difference can be seen when comparing these features with those of other cranes.

The slewing mechanism, crane post and boom mounts together form a very substantial and strong unit. The design of the slewing house and cylinders enables the crane to slew through 370°.

The slewing house is entirely Swedish-manufactured, from quenched and tempered steel.

The entire slewing mechanism, with the slewing shaft, gear racks and slewing pistons, runs in an
oil bath for maximum strength. 

Look at the matchbox in the picture above, and you will realize the strength of the slewing house.

All K.T.S Cranes are equipped with the same type of slewing house. All that differs is the choice of materials for racks and pinions, see specifications.


A flexible and smart combination

The K.T.S Z-Crane 6.1 m mounted on a K.T.S Timber Trailer 10.6 ton double frame with a tipping body.

  • The K.T.S Z-Crane together with the K.T.S Timber Trailer 10.6 ton with double frame is the perfect combination if you want to be flexible, move e.g. gravel, transport timber in the forest, all the time having your crane with you without having it in your way.
  • The K.T.S Z-Crane is designed to fit on most available trailer makes currently on the market. The picture below shows a Z-Crane mounted on a trailer from the Swedish manufacturer Utnäs Industri.
  • We can supply welding parts with bolted attachments which make it easy to mount the K.T.S Z-Crane on most trailer makes.
  • As you can see in the picture below K.T.S Z-Crane takes very little space, and is thus very easily mounted on other trailers.


  • The Z-Crane takes so little space in parked position that it is not even wider than the trailer. It is very valuable to have a crane that is not in the way when not in use. Just imagine how good it would be to be able to unload the tipping body without having to care about where the crane is!





Choose between different types of control lever systems

For the controls, we have a variety of models to choose from. The picture above shows the so-called 2-lever arrangement, which is standard equipment on the Z-Crane. Order our brochure and read more about it!


  • The K.T.S Z-Crane has very good flexibility. Just imagine how useful it would be to be able to reach the entire platform with the crane thus being able to make a full load! The pictures below show the great reach of the crane and also how easy it is to load very close to the gate.


In order to make the K.T.S Z-Crane as safe as possible, we also had it 3rd party CE certified. The operating manual has also been reviewed for easy understanding.

Now it is up to you! We here at K.T.S look forward to having you as yet another satisfied customer of ours!

K.T.S Timber Trailer 10.6 ton with double frame equipped with a Z-Crane, a tipping body and telescopic support legs.


Why should I buy a K.T.S Z-Crane when so many others are available?
  • K.T.S creates an additional value to your crane when you can park it in such a way that it is not in the way at all, meaning it can not damage the load on the tipping body.
  • The K.T.S Z-Crane is so designed that it fits on most makes and types of trailers.
  • We can supply welding parts with bolted attachments, which make it easy to mount the K.T.S Z-Crane on most trailer makes.
  • Cast steel slewing house, 290 mm high. This increases the distance between the bushings, thus increasing the strength of the crane for use when lifting heavy logs and hard use.
  • The K.T.S Z-Crane has excellent accessibility. Just imagine being able to reach the entire platform with your crane and also being able to make a full load! 
  • Both the boom and the crane arm are made from high-strength structural steel, for high strength and consistent quality.
  • Adjustable bearings on the extension in order to minimize play and increase strength.
  • All pins are over-size in order to withstand high loads. All joints have either bushings or spherical bearings.
  • High lifting capacity of the grapple - suitable for heavy logs. Note that the K.T.S specification is for the net load in the grapple, while many other manufacturers indicate the lifting capacity without a grapple or rotator!
  • Full rotation of the rotator.
  • The grapple is made from Swedish Domex® steel in order to last longer.
  • All joints have lubricatable and replaceable bushings or link bearings.
  • Well-established company - K.T.S dates back to 1951 - means safety for you as a customer.
  • K.T.S Z-Crane and instruction manual are CE certified.
  • Considering the above there is really no choice: K.T.S Z-Crane!


K.T.S Z-Crane


Reach 6.1 m
Comfort joint to simplify work No, a comfort joint is not possible on this type of crane
Hydraulic extension Yes / 1.2 m
Lifting capacity of the grapple at maximum reach See separate table
Gross lifting force of crane 5.0 tonmeter
Grapple area of standard grapple 0.21 m2
Fully rotating rotator Yes / standard
Rotator torque 750 Nm (75 kpm)
Slewing attenuator on rotator link Yes / standard
Support legs, outriggers or telescopic Extra equipment
No. of slewing cylinders on slewing house 4
Slewing angle 370° (360° is a complete revolution)
Slewing torque 13.0 kNm (1 326 kpm)
Height of slewing house 290 mm
Hydraulic valve 7 slides
Control levers 1 + 1 levers with 2 functions each + 4 levers (known as 2-lever arrangement)
Other control lever systems available Yes / extra equipment
Float position on hydraulic valve On 2 functions: boom and slewing of crane
Hydraulic valve suitable for open or closed hydraulic systems 
Closed hydraulic system for e.g. John Deere.
Yes / extra equipment
Recommended pump capacity 
Lower or higher flows can be used; the crane will simply perform more slowly or faster.
30-50 l/min
System pressure 
Lower pressure: lifting capacity will be reduced. Higher pressure: no increase in lifting capacity, as the hydraulic system is fitted with a pressure relief safety valve.
175 bar (175 kg/cm2)
Maximum pressure 220 bar (220 kg/cm2)
Separate pump on the PTO shaft 50 l/min 360 v/min PTO, oil tank with filter Yes / extra equipment
Lubricatable bushings or link bearings in all joints Yes / standard
Weight, crane including grapple and rotator 950 kg
Weight, adapter 80 kg
Weight, rotator 17 kg
Weight, rotator link with slewing brake 6.6 kg
Weight, grapple 0.21 m2 (standard on the Z-Crane) 83 kg

All performance specifications that are pressure dependent are calculated at 175 bar pressure

Grapple lifting capacities as functions of outreach, horizontal crane arm, kg

Crane model

1.0 m 2.0 m 3.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m 5.3 m 6.1 m
6.1 m Z-Crane 3 575 2 603 1 590 1 178 721 669 505

Grapple lifting capacities as functions of outreach, horizontal crane arm, kg

Crane model

1.0 m 2.0 m 3.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m 5.2 m 6.1 m
6.1 m Z-Crane 3 861 2 174 1 590 1 060 589 501 456

All lifting capacities have been stated as useful grapple load, i.e. load in the grapple.


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