K.T.S Grader Blade for the tractor's 3-point hitch.

K.T.S 3-Point Grader Blade
When we design and further develop our K.T.S products we always see our customers as our biggest asset.

We have listened to our customers and further developed our old grader blade by making it hydraulically reversible from the driver's seat and also fitted a more substantial wheel bracket and larger wheels. Now, the final choice is yours, as the customer. We look forward to seeing you as yet another satisfied customer and owner of a K.T.S 3-Point Grader Blade.

K.T.S Grader Blades for 3-point hitch come in two different designs in order to meet everyone's different needs. In addition to this, there are three different working widths of the blades. 

The grader blade with
one hydraulic cylinder can be turned to the left and to the right and also be reversed. The boom is in a fixed position behind the tractor. This blade is an excellent option for those who want to clear snow and plane dirt roads.

The model with two hydraulic cylinders can, in addition to being turned left-right and being reversed, äalso be shot out to the left and right of the tractor, a most useful function for anyone who wants to clear snow banks from the roadside.

At our product videos page you can see how our grader blades work in practice.









K.T.S Grader Blades have a very robust design and all pins are oversized in order to withstand high loads.






K.T.S Grader Blade with two hydraulic cylinders.


Both models can be equipped with any of the following blade widths: 2.44 m - 2.74 m - 3.05 m.

The cutters, which are mounted on delivery, have a 500 Brinell hardness and are made by Olofsfors® in Nordmaling, Sweden, for best durability and quality. They are also reversible for best economy. Standard delivery of the grader blades include serrated wear plates, but of course you can have flat ones if you prefer that. Here you will find information about wear plates (pdf in Swedish).

Information about our old grader blade type can be found here.


The grader blades are standard equipped with stable support wheels with real wheel axles.



K.T.S Grader Blade for 3-point hitch
No. of hydraulic cylinders 1 / 2 1 / 2 1 / 2
Working width, m 2.44 2.74 3.05
Height of the blade, m 0.70
Weight, kg 694 / 719 710 / 735 726 / 751
Wheel dimension, standard 6.00-9 / 6-ply
Hydraulic turn of the blade Yes, on both models
Hydraulic turn of the boom Yes, on the model with 2 cylinders
Hydraulically reversible from the driver's seat Yes, on both models
Cutters thickness x width, mm 12 x 200, serrated
Hardness of cutters, brinell 500 (Olofsfors®)
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