K.T.S Pro-Grapple 0.21

K.T.S Pro-Grapples 0.12 + 0.21 and Brushwood Grapple 0.21 Hardox®
K.T.S Timber Grapple and K.T.S Brushwood Grapple, both made of Hardox® 450, are pro-grapples for those who demand the very best in terms of durability and quality. The durability of these grapples is so good that we can recommend them for use together with smaller excavators, then combined with our S-attachments.


K.T.S Pro-Grapples are demountable and fitted with bushings in alla joints.

With the grapple arms in a fixed position, all nipples can be greased. This makes maintenance of the grapple a lot easier.

We can also offer a K.T.S Rotator Link with a slewing brake. The slewing brake makes it easier to operate the crane. The grapple sways less so that your work has
greater precision, and handling characteristics are improved.

We also sell rotators, which turn through 360°.


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K.T.S Pro-Grapple 0.56 with two hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and load-holding valves.



Equipment Timber Grapple
0.12 m

Timber Grapple
0.21 m

Brushwood Grapple
0.21 m

Bushings Yes / lubricatable brass bushings in all joints
Grapple opens, max. 1 040 mm 1 355 mm 1 364 mm
Tip power on the grapple arms 900 kg 800 kg
Recommended flow Between 10 and 70 l/min
Recommended pressure 150 - 250 bar
Hydraulic cylinder size 63/32 mm  70/40 mm 
Grapple arms shaft diameter 30 mm
Number of hydraulic outlets required to control the grapple 1 double-acting
Weight, complete grapple, without rotator/rotator link 64 kg 93 kg 115 kg

K.T.S Brushwood Grapple

K.T.S Brushwood Grapple has
20 mm Hardox® 450 in its grapple arms, making the grapple combined with our S-attachments suitable also for smaller excavators.

To protect the hydraulic cylinder and the parallel stays from being hit from underneath, we have fitted a shielding plate on the underside of the grapple frame. This in turn means lower maintenance costs for the grapple.


K.T.S S-attachments
K.T.S Maskiner - besides weld-on excavator brackets - also delivers S-attachments for use together with our pro-grapples. The attachments come in sizes from S80 (left image type) down to S30 (right image type). Order a brochure to learn more about how attachments and grapples can be combined or click here to have a quick look (Swedish document)!

K.T.S Pro-Grapples 0.25-0.56
We also have a range of larger grapples - 0.25 - 0.26 - 0.30 - 0.35 - 0.45 - 0.56 m2 - for professional use. These are made of high-tensile steel Strenx and Hardox. We also sell rotators in two different sizes for these grapples, which have a bolt attachment (6 bolts) for the rotator. Click here for more about these rotators (pdf).

Two of the grapples - 0.26 and 0.56 - are extra powerful, as they are equipped with expander bolts in grapple arm joints and two hydraulic cylinders.


Equipment, m2


0.30 0.35 0.45
Grapple opens, mm 1 400 1 550 1 605 1 930
Maximum load in grapple, kg 2 700 3 500 4 500 6 000
Weight, kg 141 191 248 430
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0.26 m2

0.56 m2
Grapple opens 1 507 mm 2 127 mm
Maximum load in grapple 4 000 kg 8 000 kg
Weight 266 kg 620 kg
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