K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapple 0.20 with S40-bracket

K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapples 0.20 - 0.28 - 0.36 and 0.52
K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapple is made in Sweden, and it is a really powerful and durable grapple. The grapples come in four sizes and they are made entirely of high-tensile materials like Strenx and Hardox. The grapples are intended for use on excavators with S-brackets.


K.T.S Stone and Sorting grapple has dual safety since the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with both load-holding valve and accumulator.




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Grapple, m2 0.20 0.28 0.36 0.52
Grapple opens, mm 1 235 1 550 1 806 2 101
Total height when grapple is closed (without S-bracket), mm 655 816 921 1 015
Approx. machine weight, tons 1.5-5 5-10 10-25 20-30
Width of bolted wear plate, mm 400 520 640 750
Gripping force at 190 Bar hydraulic pressure, kg / kN 1 340 / 13.3 2 070 / 20.7 2 527 / 25.3 3 120 / 31.2
No. of hydraulic cylinders 1 1 1 2
Expander bolt in arm joints No No Yes Yes
Weight (without S-bracket), kg 145 246 376 675
Recommended hydraulic pressure, Bar / MPa 150-290 / 15-29

K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapple extra equipped with hard-rubber wear plates

K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapple has bolted exchangeable
Hardox wear plates. As additional equipment, the can be replaced with 50 mm hard rubber wear plates. The hard rubber is absolutely essential when handling e.g. polished stones.

As the picture below shows, the grapple has an extremely wide opening, which is most useful at e.g. demolition work. Also note how well-protected the hydraulic cylinder with its load-holding valve and accumulator is!


K.T.S S-brackets
In addition to welding brackets, K.T.S Maskiner has also developed S-brackets fitting our pro-grapples and stone and sorting grapples. Brackets for the stone and sorting grapples come in sizes from S40 up to S80 (available combinations depend on grapple size).

... are of course also possible to use together with K.T.S Stone and Sorting Grapples. We sell rotators in two different sizes for these grapples, which have a bolt circle (6 bolts) for the rotator. Click here for more information about these rotators (Swedish pdf).